Tips on Preventing Vehicle Theft

We know that dreaded feeling of walking back to your vehicle and seeing glass on the ground nearby. Vehicle theft and break-ins can happen at any time and any place, but luckily there are certain measures that you can take in order to help prevent these incidences from occurring.  Here are some tips that can help you avoid the attention of car thieves: Never leave your keys in your car Always lock your car doors Be sure that all windows are rolled up Try to park in a well-lit area or an area with other vehicles and/or people Purchase a alarm system for your vehicle Try putting an alarm system decal on your vehicle Never leave items in view inside your vehicle, such as wallets, purses, luggage, phone charges, etc.  The tips above will help you keep your vehicle safe and prevent car break-ins as best at you possible can. Sometimes the unexpected can happen, so being prepared is your best bet.  

How Often Are Wheel Alignments Needed?

A wheel alignment is a service that most vehicle owners are familiar with. The frequency of when a wheel alignment is needed for your vehicle will depend on a few things, including your driving habits. A wheel alignment is usually needed about every 2 years, depending on how much you drive. Sometimes, you may need a wheel alignment sooner due to an occurrence on the road that forces your wheels out of alignment.  Your vehicle's wheels can be pushed out of alignment by regular occurrences, such as driving fast over speed bumps, driving over potholes, hitting curbs, car collisions, and more. If you suspect that there is an issue with your wheel alignment, we recommend that your vehicle is inspected as soon as possible. When you continue to drive with a bad wheel alignment, you end up causing damage to your tires and to internal steering and suspension parts.  Signs that your wheels are out of alignment include: Squealing tires Uneven or rapid tire wear Vehicle pulls to ... read more

Symptoms of a Dying Car Battery

A dead battery can strike at the worst times, especially when you get into your car in the morning to head to work and your car won’t start. On average, the typical car battery lasts between 3-4 years, depending on your vehicle and driving habits. However, accidentally leaving an electrical component on for an extended period of time, like the lights or radio, can cause your battery to die prematurely.  A car battery can die due to a number of different reasons, whether from the battery itself or the charging and starting system. If you ever suspect an issue with your car battery, you can always take your battery into your local auto repair shop for testing to see how much life it has left.  Signs of a dying battery include:    Failing power locks and/or windows Car starts up slow or takes multiple tries Problems with the radio Dim interior lights Battery warning light is on As soon as you notice any of the issues above, you should have your vehicle in ... read more

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